Hubbard Pet Resort & Spa
6068 W. Liberty St.  |  Hubbard, Ohio 44425
(330) 534-1200

From News and Views from The Good Mannered Dog, 2015 edition
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Hubbard Pet Resort & Spa
A recent issue of Woman's Day magazine ran an article titled "Find the Best Kennel for Your Pet." Based on the points in the article, Hubbard Pet Resort & Spa (HPR) qualifies as one of the very best.

Here are the things the article points out:

1.) An antiseptic smell signals an attempt to cover up urine, feces, mold and mildew. HPR uses only natural, biodegradable cleaning products for the safety of their guests.

2.) Examine the living spaces. Make sure the temperature is comfortable. HPR's spacious 4' x 8' dog suites provide plenty of room for dogs to move freely. Cats are boarded in a separate section of the building built specifically for them. The temperature is always between 68 and 72 degrees.

3.) Take a look at the daily schedule. HPR starts potty trips for dogs around 7 a.m. and continues every three hours until last potties around 9:30 p.m. Cats get generous time in the "Catio," an enclosed climbing and play area.

Hubbard Pet Resort & Spa is located at 6068 W. Liberty St. in Hubbard, Ohio. Contact them at (330) 534-1200 or visit them online at